Environmental Management for Livelihood Improvement Bwaise Facility (EMLI)

Africa Adaptation Initiative

Africa Adaptation Initiative

EMLI in partnership with World Wide Fund for Nature-Uganda Country Office (WWF-UCO) is implementing a 3 year Africa Adaptation Initiative (AAI) Project aimed at influencing policy making for climate change adaptation (CCA).  The project is envisaged to strengthen the capacity of non-state actors especially the vulnerable communities on enhancing action for climate change adaptation. It is estimated at UGX: 65,764,000 for the first year and will be implemented at national level and at regional within the CSO Hubs in the Albertine Graben.

Project Goal:

By 2020, the impacts of climate related risks and disasters to vulnerable communities and ecosystems in Uganda minimized, and social security and resilience enhanced.


By 2020, EMLI is influencing climate change related policies and practices in Uganda.

Intended results

1.       Capacity built in CSOs to enable them to lobby decision makers on Climate Change Adaptation related policies and strategies

2.       At least  1 National CSO engaging in lobbying and advocacy actions on Climate Change Adaptation related policies and strategies

3.       CSO networks / platforms in Uganda engage in public dialogue on Climate Change Adaptation related issues

Project partners

MWE/CCD, WWF-UCO, Regional Hubs, National Planning Authority, ENRCSO, CAN-U, Private Sector, MoFPED, Climate Change Learning Alliance, Selected District Local Governments, Parliament of Uganda.