Environmental Management for Livelihood Improvement Bwaise Facility (EMLI)


The organization is governed by a general assembly and Board of advisors of at least 5 persons including the executive director, who serves as a secretary of the Board. Each member is eligible to serve up to 3 three-year terms.

The General Assembly comprises the organization members who meet once a year during Annual General Meetings (AGM) to:

  • Deliberate on the organization program of work;
  • Approve the Annual Reports and other related Reports;
  • Resolve any matter referred to by both secretariat and the Advisory board.

The Board of Advisors provides strategic guidance in the implementation of programmes and is also responsible for recruitment of staff. The Board of Advisors convenes at least twice a year to discuss and approve the mini-annual reports, budgets and the program work plans prepared by the Secretariat.  The secretariat headed by the executive director remains responsible for the organization day to day activities, strategic planning, project development and implementation and liaison with other stakeholders.